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Quinoa SaladI think I’m in love. Okay, I’m in love with Lane, but you all know that already. He’s my husband after all. Today I’m going to talk about my “new” love. Quinoa. It’s not that I haven’t had it before, I have. And I’ve enjoyed it in its plain iterations. But lately, I’ve been “playing” with it in a variety of different ways. Before this latest heat wave, I’d been making a few variations on quinoa for breakfast, I keep meaning to make it ahead of time and try it cold, but that hasn’t happened yet. Just Friday night, I made a Quinoa salad for dinner based on Susan’s recipe over at Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.

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Normally I try to follow a recipe exactly as written the first time I’m making it. Especially when it’s something new. But it was hot, and I was tired and I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand. So, I winged it a bit. I had the basic ingredients for the dressing — I subbed lemon juice for lime, and mandarin orange juice (from the can of mandarin oranges) for orange juice. But everything else remained the same. The added ingredients were another story however.

Typically we either eat out on Friday’s or we have some kind of mish mash thrown together dinner with whatever produce is left over from the week. (Saturday morning we religiously go to our local farmers market.) I had the corn, but no peppers (they never make it a whole week). So, instead of peppers I threw in steamed asparagus. That was kind of boring though and I had no other fresh produce on hand. To spice things up, I added mandarin orange slices, artichoke hearts, and some sun dried tomatoes. I’ll probably skip the sun dried tomatoes next time, but this dish is a winner. And since quinoa has a really high protein content, it’s one of those things I’ll be making more of an effort to incorporate into our diet. Maybe I’ll make it again tomorrow…

— Cheers, Jane

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