Fatty’s Restaurant — YUM

Close to our home, is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant called Fatty’s. Last night was our fourth visit there. Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about them prior to today; the food is excellent, and many dishes are or can be prepared vegan.

We thought we’d tried all the restaurants close to home. We knew Fatty’s as a coffee shop, which it was until about a year or two ago. Then they changed over to a dinner-only restaurant, by that I mean they are only open for dinner, and that only Wednesday – Sunday. Too bad! Anyway, we discovered they were serving dinner while walking by one day. What a lucky coincidence for us! Jane and I decided to go there for dinner last night, there was no arm-twisting involved.

We started with the Carrot-Ginger Soup. The presentation was a little better than this. We forgot to take a photo before I dug in! Sorry.

Jane ordered the Sloppy Joe which is an entree and came with a small house salad (or cup of soup, your choice). It was fantastic. It’s some kind of veggie meat (we’re guessing there’s TVP in there) with a wonderful tangy sauce. The “bread” is some kind of phyllo concoction, stiffer than regular phyllo sheets, but definitely not something to eat with your hands. Although we did see someone trying, but his technique involved holding the sandwich upright and bringing his mouth to the food. Well, kudo’s to him for trying.

I had pizza. When we were non-vegans, we used to order pizza for dinner one time a month. Often we’d order on the first, being unable to delay our gratification. Since this was the first weekend of the month, I was craving pizza. (I still haven’t gotten past that and I’m not sure I ever will!) Anyway, I ordered The Zeppelin pizza (8″ size). It was topped with mushrooms and vegan cheese and very good. Jane’s thinking she could probably make it at home, and that’s her criteria for whether she’d order something out or not. But I would have it again, and probably will!

As a side note, one of our previous visits was with our non-veggie cousins. They’re very well off and used to the better things in life. We didn’t realize it was a vegetarian restaurant, or we’d never have invited them; they love their steak. But they really enjoyed it and suggested we put it in our rotation. I mention this in case any of you are in the neighborhood…

We were very satisfied with our dinner, but couldn’t leave without dessert. We brought “Fudgey” home with us. We’ll have that later tonight, and you can read about it tomorrow!

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