Farmer’s Market Produce

Farmers Market Produce in DecemberIt's great to live in Southern California. This is a photograph of our local farmer's market taken December 29th! Jane and I often comment on how spoiled we are. We have access to a Farmer's Market every day of the week; four of them are within 5 miles of our home!

Being regulars at our farmer's market affords us the sensation of living in a small town. Our local merchants know us. They know what we typically buy, they suggest things we might like to try, and offer tips on how to select and prepare things. They even talk to us about their families. It's a little bit of polite society here in the big city.

And, it's an environmentally sound practice. They say you're supposed to eat locally. (Less fuel consumption to get the produce to you = fewer emissions = less greenhouse gasses...) We're happy to do our share, but really, our motives are purely selfish. The produce is SOOOO much better here than what we get at the supermarket. Just think about it, wouldn't you rather eat a tangerine that was growing on a tree the day before you ate it, as opposed to being in transit for at least a week?

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