Eating Vegan in Las Vegas

eating vegan in Las VegasPaul McCartney may have proclaimed that Austin is the most vegan friendly city. Well, another Paul, Paul Graham has written an e-book that describes how to be vegan in Las Vegas. I’ve had reasonable success finding vegan eats in Las Vegas. Mr. Graham gave himself the challenge of eating one vegan meal in a restaurant every day for a whole year.

I haven’t read the book. Here’s a link to it:

Sullivan Street’s blurb states that you can “…Join Paul as he tours Las Vegas, eating one vegan meal after another and talking with those who prepare the food and/or care about a plant-based way of life. In what most people refer to as Sin City, Paul has found another place to admire and love. In Paul’s story, Las Vegas comes alive as one of the most compassionate and humane places to live or visit….”

Here’s an article about the book:

Paul Graham’s e-book, “Eating Vegan in Vegas: If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere,” showcases a year of vegan meals at local Las Vegas eateries.  The book represents 365 days of dining, and can be used as a tool to assist those looking for a vegan meal in Las Vegas.

Graham was inspired by the book and movie “Julie and Julia,” which featured Julie Powell cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” over the course of 365 days.

Paul Book Launch 6“While it (‘Julie and Julia’) is a foodie book, it has nothing to do with plant-based eating.  It did show someone who made the determination to do something for an entire year and then blog about it,” Graham explained. “I thought this would be a great formula for building this bridge by going out and enjoying a different plant-based meal in Las Vegas each day for a year and blog about it each day.”

With this inspiration, “Eating Vegan in Vegas” was born.

Graham’s goal with the blog was to highlight a different meal every day. In the year he spent on the blog, he dined in approximately 150 restaurants, featuring 365 meals.

“It was not difficult finding 365 different meals during the first year,” Graham stated. “It was actually harder not going back and enjoying some of the things that I really, really liked.”

Paul Book Launch 7“At the end of the first year, I actually realized that there were so many more restaurants and available meals that I was not able to try and I am slowly working my way to them all and trying to keep up with all of the new restaurant openings as well,” Graham added.

Graham is planning on releasing an updated e-book this fall that will have over 200 restaurants featured in it.

Some of the places in the e-book have become favorites of Graham.

“Las Vegas really only has a few 100 percent vegan restaurants.  There is Pura Vida, Sweet Mama and the two Go Raw Cafes. Pura Vida would be a favorite out of that group,” Graham stated. “What Las Vegas is really becoming known for nationally and internationally is the number of established restaurants that have expanded their menus to include plant-based options.”

Paul Book Launch 1“I think this is essential to have happen in order to reach the mainstream of society,” Graham explained. “Out of that group, I could easily point to any of the restaurants at The Wynn or Encore.”

Some of Graham’s other favorites include Lakeside in the Wynn,  The Bronze Cafe downtown at The Center, Veggie House in Chinatown and  Slice of Vegas Pizza in the Mandalay Place.

“If I had to pick one (favorite), though, it would have to be Panevino,” Graham added. “The combination of atmosphere, view, service, and now a full page of vegan options makes it one of the best places to dine…period.”

The e-book had a launch event in April at Slice of Vegas Pizza.

“It was not a normal book-signing event because it was an e-book, but I wanted to have a party to celebrate with so many people that have been increasingly important to me over the past couple of years in particular,” Graham explained.

Paul Book Launch 3Graham was touched by the show of support by the attendees who came out to the event.

“The people that were there truly made the night all that it was and I felt very blessed to feel the love from so many wonderful people and were all, in one way or another, very much a part of this book project,” Graham stated.

“The love and support was palpable. There were also well-wishes from so many others locally and from around the world who were not able to be there for the event but wanted to communicate their support and encouragement,” Graham added. “I continue to feel very fortunate about it all.”

Some of the supporters at the event included Panevino’s general manager Vincenzo Granata, Danielle Russo from Sweet Tooth Bakery and her husband Gianni.  Gianni is Graham’s “vegan tattoo artist.”

The attendees were too numerous to mention them all, but Graham appreciates the support along the way.

“The one thing that they (the attendees) had in common was that they had all participated in this project by having shared meals with me along with encouragement, contributing thoughts and ideas, and by reading, following and sharing the blog with others,” Graham explained.

“It is not really about the food, it is about the people and sharing a common passion for physical and spiritual health, justice for animals and the healing of our environment,” Graham added.



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