Eating Out

One of the things we’re having the hardest time adjusting to is eating out. We used to go out for dinner two or three times a week, and lunch one day over the weekend. As part of our transition to vegan eating we decided to minimize our temptations and keep it to once per week.

Most of the restaurants we’ve eaten at have had reasonable fare, but nothing worth drooling over. You’d think there would be a large enough vegan/vegetarian population in Southern California to merit a few exceptional restaurants here. After all, what do most people say when you mention Southern California….

Our new find “Grassroots” in South Pasadena. Grassroots is really a health food store with a cafeteria-style “restaurant.”

Actually, we didn’t go there for the food. Jane was looking for Umeboshi paste to make a recipe from the Real Food Daily Cookbook. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry it. But we were talking to the clerk who suggested we try the vegan shepherd pie which was their special that day. Normally we both get something different to try, but luckily we didn’t. I don’t think I would have been able to give Jane my second half. It was DELICIOUS!!!! Jane agreed and we went back for lunch Monday. Jane tried their taco salad, which was big enough for two. I had their Cuban Bowl, which is something I could eat every day.

Yay! Another restaurant on the list.


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