Eat Green, Eat Vegan!

I keep complaining that the news media isn’t promoting vegetarianism as a viable “green” behavior. It’s really frustrating to me when I read an article or watch a program which talks about the things we can do to save the environment and no one mentions eating vegan! And I’m not the only one, Alex comments:

This omission (“Go Vegan”) is fairly consistent throughout the environmentalist movement. A compilation of the most common policy proposals and suggested lifestyle alterations shows that this prescription is absent, and it’s revealing.

Today, New Scientist comes right out and says it…

In 2004, Pimentel (David Pimentel, professor of ecology and agriculture at Cornell) estimated 6 kilograms of plant protein are needed to produce 1 kg of high quality animal protein. He calculates that if Americans maintained their 3747 kcals per day, but switched to a vegetarian diet, the fossil fuel energy required to generate that diet would be cut by one third.

We’re eating 3,747 calories/day on average when the recommended average is somewhere around 2,000?!?!?!!!! Wow! But I digress… Maintaining the ridiculous amount of calories consumed and switching to a vegetarian diet cuts fossil fuel used to create those calories 33%. So, for the time being, you can still have your vegan cake and eat it too, and save the environment!


And on a completely unrelated note, thank you to all our readers who’ve asked us how we fared during today’s earthquake. Aside from being shaken up and around, and having two sculptures fall to the floor, we survived unscathed. Don’t believe everything you see on TV; it wasn’t that big a deal. But we’d still prefer not to feel the ground moving under us!

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