Easy Vegan Tofu Recipes That Don’t Suck

Here are 2 easy vegan tofu recipes that will actually make you like tofu! Not only are they delicious, but they’re also gluten-free, oil-free, practically foolproof, and pretty darn healthy too.

Most vegan cooks know how to make tofu flavorful, but plenty of us think it’s boring. If you think that, you’re probably preparing it incorrectly. Tofu is a blank canvas — like chicken, it’s best with the seasonings that you add.

Raw, it’s an acquired taste. Press it with a weight to push the excess water to be removed.

First, she makes a crispy orange tofu; don’t worry, it’s really healthy. Crispy tofu gets backed in the oven. She uses a weird hack: freeze the tofu. She learned this from her mom. Weird, but it works.


Here’s a link to the orange tofu recipe

Here’s a link to the buffalo tofu recipe

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