Easter Rabbits — Chocolate is Better

Easter is coming. It's one of the larger holidays here in the US, and it's right around the corner. Easter is associated with rabbits and eggs... not a very vegan-friendly holiday, but one I grew up with. Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail... Hopefully, he'll be a vegan chocolate bunny, and not a casually acquired live rabbit. Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign created by the Columbus House Rabbit Society, designed to educate the public on the realities of living with a rabbit, and to discourage giving live rabbits as Easter gifts.

Rabbits make wonderful pets for the right household. The House Rabbit Society has a wonderful compilation of information about owning a rabbit. If you are considering getting a rabbit as a pet, please read through some of this literature first.

As for me... I'm off to find a vegan chocolate bunny. Wish me luck! Or maybe I can convince Jane to make the chocolate covered oreo truffles she made for Valentine's Day.


  1. What I hate hearing this time of year – tiny chicks dipped in food dye. Animal cruelty for human entertainment…
    Keep up the good work by spreading the word.

  2. Hi David…
    Actually, I haven’t the faintest idea… Kara???

    I can’t imagine buying a chick unless I had a farm and intended to raise chickens. And in that instance, yellow food dye wouldn’t matter.

  3. They dip these tiny live creatures in different colors of dyes – pink, blue, green…not yellow.
    What is wrong with our world?

  4. Hi Kara,
    And what does one do with a pink, blue, or green chick? (I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question.)

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