Daring Bakers — We’re in!

Jane has just been conditionally accepted into a group called The Daring Bakers. She's very excited, and I must say I am as well. The Daring Bakers is a group of bakers who are challenged to all prepare the same recipe and then post about it. Being vegan means that Jane will have to alter the recipe a tad, but it is within the rules to do so, provided you have food allergies or ethical concerns regarding the food product. Anyway, that's what Jane told me about the group (and I may have gotten a detail or two wrong... I wasn't completely focused).

I think it's more about the artistic presentation, but it will get Jane back into the swing of baking. She's been pretty much out of it. For a while there I was getting muffins, and even though I loved them, she didn't think they were up to par. She also really didn't care for the pumpkin cookies at Thanksgiving, so we're both looking forward to this exercise.

I understand there is some degree of secrecy involved too... so all the posts re The Daring Bakers will be done by Jane, since she'll certainly be more conversant in the rules than I am. She did mention that last month's recipe was Potato Bread. Sounds yummy!

Go Jane!

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