Dairy Milk Alternatives: Ripple Foods makes milk from peas

Dairy Milk Alternatives

Looking for dairy milk alternatives? There are many options today, including milk from peas.

Alternatives to dairy milk have spiked in popularity over the last several years, with U.S. sales of milk made out of plants reaching nearly $2 billion in 2015. Ripple Foods is a newcomer to the non-dairy market, and the company produces the only line of milk made from yellow peas. Ripple co-founder and CEO Adam Lowry joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss their product.

source: https://youtu.be/vpCZ3NfG3h8

Peas are an excellent source of protein too. Did you know that nearly all dairy alternatives have little or no protein? Almond milk has 1g of protein per serving. Coconut milk has none. Cashew milk has none. Where’s the plant power? Ripple has 8g of plant-based protein per serving. Better nutrition, without compromise.

dairy milk alternatives

The protein naturally found in peas helps you stay full. Studies show that pea protein activates the release of hormones in your body that keep you feeling full between meals.*2 A glass of Ripple satisfies hunger, either blended into a smoothie or all by itself.

That’s why Ripple makes a great meal replacement and can help with weight loss.

Peas are packed with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Studies show that a diet rich in BCAA’s can help keep your body in a muscle building mode throughout the day, decrease belly fat

and gives you more energy.

Peas are easily digested and hypoallergenic. That means you get full without feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

All ingredients in Ripple are GMO?free

Ripple’s products are certified non?GMO by the Non?GMO Project. Unlike soy or other ingredients that can come from both GMO and non?GMO sources, the yellow peas found in Ripple can only be obtained from non?GMO seeds.

Ripple Foods' milk from peas is available at many major supermarkets:  http://ripplefoods.com/store-locator/

Image credit: Ripple Foods

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