I received an email comment on the blog yesterday :

I HATE to break it to you but I have been vegan for a while now and I am still 100 pounds overweight. Oh well, at least I don’t eat innocent animals–J

The only reply I can make is that this blog is a chronicle of my vegan experiences (and Jane’s too). We’ve lost weight over the past three months. Admittedly I’ve lost more weight than Jane has, which frustrates her a bit. But we’re losing weight because we’re eating more fruits and vegetables instead of processed food, just like most nutritionists would advise. Another big contributor to our weight loss is that we’re generally having cut up fruit for dessert instead of some high calorie dessert Jane woild have baked; Jane used to love to bake. Our diet has changed to be more healthful and clearly less calorie-intensive, as we are actually consuming more food than before. And I’m sure a grilled portobello mushroom has far fewer calories than Chicken Parmesan!

So J, I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been as rewarding mine and Jane’s has been so far. But I’m not trying to sell anyone anything, I’m just excited about my experiences and I want to share how easy it has been for me.

And maybe this will inspire others to make choices that will be less harmful to our environment and more compassionate to our fellow creatures on this planet. (Proselytizing over.)

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