Cinnamon Revisited

A few weeks ago we finally got around to visiting Cinnamon in Highland Park (suburb of Los Angeles). We really loved it, as you can see from our review. We actually resisted the temptation of going back there sooner because we didn’t want to “burn out.”

So, after waiting a sufficient amount of time, we went back for lunch today. Sorry we’ve got no photos to share, we forgot the camera. Anyway, we had the Jumping Shrimp Cocktail as a starter, and just like last time, we thought it was excellent. (Make sure to add the fresh lime they provide!)

For our entrees, I ordered the Chicken Mole with black beans, brown rice and corn tortillas. Jane, who hates mole, thought this was the best mole she’d ever had, unfortunately, I didn’t agree. I found the cinnamon to be overwhelming to the point where it ruined the dish for me. The faux-chicken was really good. It had an excellent texture to it, far less chewy than most. It is only featured in this recipe, so next time, I’m going to ask for it in some other sauce.

Jane ordered the special. Although we live in Los Angeles, we don’t speak any Spanish, so neither one of us knows exactly what she ordered, but it was something with cactus. And it too, left a lot to be desired, which is too bad since we loved it so much last time.

In some sense the service was better than last time as we were given refills on our beverages and chips much more frequently. But we also had trouble communicating with our servers, and were handed the check while Jane was still in the middle of her dinner.

We will certainly go back again, but without the sense of anticipation we had this time.

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