Christmas Loot

Xmas PresentsJane and I have been pretty open about being vegan. At least we've been open to our friends and family. We're pretty quiet about it at work, and surprisingly, no one there has noticed. But that fact is not relative to this post.

What is relevant is that any time I tell someone I'm doing something new, it is reflected in the next gift-giving occasion, or so it seems. This year was no different. Jane and I received a number of environmentally-friendly gifts, if we're vegan, we must be environmentally aware.

The gift-givers in our lives were successful this year, we've got nothing to return! We enjoyed everything, but our favorite vegan gifts were: "veganopoly" - a vegan spin on Monopoly which I'll blog about after we've had a chance to play; Soyabella Soymilk Maker, a machine to make our own soy or nut milks; and
The Joy of Vegan Baking which both Jane and I have been coveting, for different reasons!

We hope you actually got something you wanted this holiday season!

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