A Choice to Eat Vegan

I was thinking today, how fortunate we are that we live in a time and a place where we can actually say "I choose not to eat that," whatever the "that" may be.

Regardless of whether someone thinks I am crazy for eschewing animal products, or someone else thinks I'm not vegan enough, I have the option of eating what I want.  I'm not desperate, I'm not starving, I'm not oppressed.  I can choose.  You can choose too.

I choose not to eat animal products.

2 Comments on A Choice to Eat Vegan

  1. I have explained this exact point to people before. I live in a time where I can CHOOSE to be vegan. 10 yrs as a vegan. I’m at 10/33 of my life so far 😉

  2. Hi Zeb,
    Yes, it certainly would have been a lot more difficult to be vegan 100 years ago! Of course, you can always argue that the arrival of the $1 burger at McDonalds makes it easier to be a carnivore.
    Regardless, our options have increased and it’s easier than ever to be vegan today. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of new products in the past 10 years!

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