Chana Masala – Best Vegan Recipe

Last week, Jane made Chana Masala for the first time. It's a blend of spices and onion and tomato forming a delicious sauce, and chickpeas are added to that. It was really good, but Jane used dried chickpeas, and the cooking time in the recipe reflected the use of canned chickpeas. Even though Jane had soaked the beans overnight, they took forever to cook, and we were starving. So when it reached a point where we couldn't wait any longer, we ate the dish, crunchy chickpeas and all.

We had some good comments from Todd, Roger, and Nadir all highly recommending pressure cookers. It's a purchase we plan on making, but in the mean time, we used the canned chickpeas the original recipe (at Orangette's blog) called for.

If you like Indian food at all, try this recipe. You'll love it! We do; it's our all time favorite vegan meal.  Jane made double the recipe, so we'll have it for dinner tomorrow too (yay). Tomorrow she'll serve it with rice, and our requisite green salad.  Tonight we had whole wheat tortillas.  Oh, and we use vegan sour cream in place of the yogurt Orangette recommends.

– If you haven’t signed our petition to Oprah asking her to do a piece on factory farming, please consider doing so. We can all work together to make a difference.


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