Chana Masala a l’Orangette

Jane and I adore Indian cuisine. Lately, Jane's been dabbling a bit in preparing Indian dishes. We bought dried chickpeas in the market last weekend and tonight when I came home there was the unmistakable aroma of something wonderful coming together in our kitchen.

Jane tried the Chana Masala recipe from Orangette's blog. Orangette's not a vegan, but a number of her recipes are vegan-friendly, and she authors one of those food blogs that's a joy to read. This is the first recipe we've tried from her site, but thanks to Tanya of Veggie Love, who pointed it out to us (eons ago).

Unfortunately, the chickpeas took forever to cook, even after soaking almost 24 hours, so dinner wasn't ready for a long, long time. When it was finally ready, neither of us could find the camera, and we were too hungry to continue to look for it, so no picture -- Sorry. But take it from me, if you like Indian cuisine, this recipe is a must try! If you're not much on cooking, there's always the Vegetable Biryani from Trader Joe's. But this Chana Masala is way better!

Next time Jane makes this (with canned chickpeas!!!) we'll be sure to post a photo. Just to further whet your whistle, we both agree, this has been the BEST vegan entree Jane has prepared to date.


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