Okay, this post is a tad late, as we went to Shojin about 3 weeks ago. Why has it taken me so long to write this up? Well, I still haven’t gotten my photos off my camera. First we had a load of trouble with […]

Eggs-traneous Ingredients

Tonight Jane and I went out for Thai food. We’ve eaten at this particular restaurant a number of times, and are fairly confident we’re getting a vegan meal – as long as we specify that we want no eggs, and no meat. We know we […]

Shojin Restaurant

A while back, Lane and I read a promising review of Shojin Restaurant on To Live and Eat In LA, a blog about eating vegan in Los Angeles. Since we live in the area, we often peruse her website when we’re looking for someplace new […]

KFC Canada Puts Cruelty Free On The Menu

I seem to be writing a lot about fast food lately, which is somewhat ironic since Jane and I really don’t eat a lot of fast food. The notable exception here is Taco Bell. They’ve been our lifesaver on the few road-trips we’ve taken since […]

The Johnny Rockets Streamliner Vegan Burger

The Johnny Rockets Streamliner Vegan Burger

It’s the Memorial Day weekend here in the US. We’ve got friends staying with us as part of their holiday. They came out to California for a week, and on Tuesday will be heading to Disney Land, and then off for a bit more sight […]

Shake Things Up

One of the things Jane and I still crave is cow’s milk. I have a smoothie for breakfast every morning. Jane makes almond milk, and that works just fine. It’s also an effective substitute in baked goods and for general cooking, but cereal just isn’t […]

Free Vegan Burgers at Johnny Rockets

Free Vegan Burgers at Johnny Rockets

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past, and some of you don’t agree with me, but it seems to me that veganism is becoming more mainstream. Or, more accurately, vegan food options are becoming more readily available. A few months ago we wrote […]

The Blue Hen Restaurant Review

The other night, Jane and I went to The Blue Hen in Eagle Rock (a neighborhood in Los Angeles). It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they do have vegan-friendly meals. We’d read a few interesting reviews and decided to try it. The item that got […]

You Can Change The World

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask and you shall receive. Last weekend Lane and I were out to dinner with friends. We went to Dish in La Canada, a suburb of Los Angeles. We used to go there about once a month in […]

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant

Jane and I really love Ethiopian food. We first encountered it way back when we were dating. As much as we love it, we don’t really get much of it. “Little Ethiopia” is a 20 minute drive from our home. (Like everything else in Los […]

Native Foods

Jane’s mom is here for a visit, so we took a quick trip down to Palm Desert (a resort town in the California desert) this weekend. The weather was excellent there. (Unfortunately, it was in the 90’s here this weekend too, so we could have […]

The Veggie Grill

Last night we picked up Jane’s mom at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). She’s visiting with us for a little over a week. En route home, we figured we’d stop for a quick bite to eat. You know, they just don’t feed you on the […]

Cinnamon Revisited

A few weeks ago we finally got around to visiting Cinnamon in Highland Park (suburb of Los Angeles). We really loved it, as you can see from our review. We actually resisted the temptation of going back there sooner because we didn’t want to “burn […]

Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant – A New Favorite!

Jane and I tried a new (to us) restaurant tonight, Cinnamon in Highland Park which is a suburb of Los Angeles. We’d stumbled across reviews of this place a few months ago. After perusing the menu online, we decided we’d try it, but for one […]

New Special: Tofu Burgers at Bean Sprouts

Jane and I were out doing our usual errand-run, it’s Saturday after all. And somewhere in the middle of all our errands we realized we weren’t going to be home anytime soon. Time for lunch. We were very close to a vegetarian restaurant we like […]