In Requiem

On Tuesday, we put down our special girl.  She was with me for just under 16 years.  While many of our friends comment on how special and friendly our boy cat is, she was more selective.  We were her tribe and she always wanted to be with us.  She would greet us when we got home.  She would walk us to bed every night and stay with us until we fell asleep.  She always sat with us.  She talked to us constantly.  We absolutely knew she loved us.

She was very headstrong; whatever we were doing, it always had to be her idea.  Toward the end of her life we had to give her antibiotics.  (She had cancer and the tumor was rotting her face.)  Jane would give her her pill and then give her water to drink.  After which Jane would reward her with some food.  One morning they did the pill, water, food routine and then went to sit down.  Ten minutes after drinking and eating our girlie sat by the door, looked at Jane, and went pah-tooie, and spat out the pill.  When we told the vet, she commented "Clever kittie!" This is just one example of our girlie's personality, and part of what made her so special.   She is greatly missed.

At this point, the thought of food, or writing about food, is not something either of us feels up to.  We will be back...  we just need a little time.

Life is short... show the ones you love how much you love them.


Jane and I are struggling a bit. One of our kitties, our favorite, has terminal cancer. The vet has prescribed pain killers, along with some other fun things. And we've been instructed to pay careful attention to her level of comfort and when it appears she is suffering, we should euthanize her.

On a logical basis, I know this is the right thing to do. It is our responsibility to our pets to care for them as best we can. Personally, I would want someone to help me end it when the pain became unbearable. The only difference here is that I expect I would be able to communicate my desires when the time came. The thing that scares us both is that we won't really know when it is the "right time." So we are going to have to make the decision to kill a being. And realistically, it will likely be too early, or too late.

We got the pain killers today. We knew our kitty had been ailing. She has a mass growing on her face, and when she finished her first round of anti-biotics she started smelling really foul, as if she was rotting. (Which btw, is what the vet said is happening with her tumor.) Occasionally she would pass on her food and Jane would spend significant time coaxing her to eat. But our kitty still wanted to hang with us, and she would purr when we petted her. We had no idea she was in pain. After her first dose of pain killer, she was much more playful and her purring was louder. So is she stoned, or had she been suffering and we missed it all?

We love this cat. I mean, really love this cat. She is our child. Our other kitty is great, but he is a pet. This cat has a real personality. Neither of us is happy with the idea of putting her down. She's almost 16. She's had a better life than many people on this earth. But how do you actually make the decision to kill another being? Even if it is the compassionate thing to do?

Administrative Update

Hi everyone,

We've been having trouble with our email for the last week or so.  We don't seem to be getting most of our Vegan Bits mail, and we're not able to send.  We're working on it and hopefully will have it fixed by the weekend.

So, if you've written us and haven't heard back, please be patient.  We'll respond when we are able.

Lane & Jane

Welcome Back IE Users

We need to get an administrative issue out of the way. Apparently, we were having problems with Internet Explorer (who knew?) generating a stack error. It was linked to about 20 of our posts. Jane went through each of them painstakingly and we believe the issue has been resolved. At least, it's not showing up on the version of Internet Explorer we used to validate our changes today, so we're fairly confident it's been fixed. We apologize if you were using IE and couldn't access our site. And to our loyal readers who have friends who have been frustrated with this stack error, please let them know they should be able to access us without any issues.

Thanks to Gary and Kim for pointing this out to us!

Gone Vegan is now Vegan Bits!

Welcome, we're glad you found us!  Many of you know we were Gone Vegan at blogger, but have migrated to our very own website.

The reasons are varied, but for the most part, we've gotten serious about being vegan and bought the domain name.  We'll be playing around with our layout a bit over the next few weeks, but expect the changes to be minor.  We hope you enjoy our new home!

Lane & Jane