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Vegetarian Air Time on PBS Cooking Shows

Vegetarian Air Time on PBS Cooking Shows

Someone sent me a link to a petition which I think is well worth signing… so I’m putting it out here for all of you to review for yourselves.  The request is that PBS ensure that their cooking shows reflect current USDA guidelines which suggest […]

Vegan Desserts Make The Grade

I’m continually impressed with how mainstream veganism is becoming.  Sure, it’s not always easy to get a vegan meal at a restaurant without “working with” your server.  But it is getting easier.  And the number of vegan products seems to be increasing.  Now, we’re even […]

Vegan Protein

So after writing about the born-again carnivore yesterday, I wanted to write a post that promotes a vegan diet tonight.  This is a vegan blog after all! So what’s the first thing people ask you when you say you’ve gone vegan?  Where do you get […]

PETA Won’t Be At The Super Bowl

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend is the Super Bowl. The culmination of the 2008 American football season. And perhaps the most watched event annually. PETA’s “Veggie Love” Super Bowl campaign has been banned by NBC. My first reaction was where did […]

Combat Global Warming – Eat Vegan

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the US blogged about “Your Plate, Your Planet” (in other words, what you eat affects the environment) tonight.  It’s something I ranted about a few times over the summer. Eating lower on the food chain […]

The Vegan 100 – 100 Things You Should Try

Many of you have probably already seen The Vegan’s Hundred list.  There are other ”Hundred” food memes circulating round the blogosphere (The Omnivore’s Hundred, which started the trend; and The Vegetarian’s Hundred).  Generally these a little bit of fluff we bloggers can use a way […]

So Where Does This Guy Stand on Animal Rights Anyway?

I’m confused. I read a commentary in the NY Times Op-Ed section tonight and I really don’t get what side the author is supposedly arguing. Nicholas Kristof starts off by saying: In a world in which animal rights are gaining ground, barbecue season should make […]

Some of Our Favorites…

The first four blogs are on topic, the last three are blogs that aren’t, but are on our daily “must read” list. We hope you enjoy our selections. Well, first, we have to nominate Susan over at Fat Free Vegan. She puts out vegan recipes […]

57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Yes, you read that correctly. According to Alisa Miller over at NursingDegree.com, there are 57 health benefits associated with eating vegan. Actually, she’s listed 47 health benefits and 10 other items of potential interest to the vegan eater. None of this information is new, but […]

Oprah’s Vegan Venture

Although we can’t take credit for getting Oprah to try a vegan diet, Jane and I are pretty excited about the whole thing. I feel a little funny blogging about her so much, this is a vegan blog after all, not an Oprah blog (and […]

Score One For The Home Team – Oprah Tries A Vegan Diet

Though we’d love to say we had some influence in Oprah’s decision to go vegetarian for three weeks, we really can’t. We sent email to the Oprah show alerting them to our petition requesting that she do a program segment on factory farming. We received […]

Vegan Recipe Challenger Beats Meat

A few weeks ago we wrote about a new blog, Hezbollah Tofu. Their purpose, to counter Anthony Bourdain’s anti-vegan bias by creating veganized versions of Mr. Bourdain’s “masturbatory, blood-oozing recipes.” Ultimately, they plan on compiling these recipes and selling them, with proceeds donated to vegan […]

Anthony Bourdain is NOT a Vegan

Well, it’s obvious that Anthony Bourdain is not a vegan, at least if you ever had the misfortune to watch his show, which we did once or twice in our pre-vegan life. But Jane and I both found Mr. Bourdain to be a bit too […]

Alltop — A New “Online Magazine Rack”

It’s not a vegan site, but this newly launched website can provide a great overview of favorite sites. AllTop has just launched. It’s basically a news aggregator with a wide variety of topics. Jane and I really like the food and health pages, along with […]

Blogs About Vegan Eating

This is the inaugural issue of: Blogs About Vegan Eating. If enough of you like this, I will turn it into a regular (weekly?) series. I will present updates about some wonderful recipes and eating ideas that Jane and I have found on other blogs. […]