Blueberries Minus The Milk

One of the Eight Foods To Eat Every Day is blueberries.  Blueberries also happen to be one of my favorite foods.  I will often add them to whatever smoothie I am having for breakfast.  Or I’ll drop a handful into my cereal or oatmeal.  I […]

Why Trans Fats Are Bad For You

A week or two ago we wrote a post complaining that Tofutti uses partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats) in their cream cheese alternative.  I was expressing some frustration that Tofutti does make a version of the cream cheese without the trans fats, but the […]

Another Reason Not To Eat Meat

As if there aren’t enough reasons not to eat meat… According to New Scientist magazine, consuming red meat and dairy puts humans at risk from a rather nasty strain of e. coli.  This particular strain attaches itself to a sugar molecule that humans can’t produce, […]

Ack! The Flu!!!

So I had the flu, or something like it.  It’s ironic, because they’re offering the flu shot at my office this week.  Alas, it’s a little too late for me. So, here is my tale of woe.  I dropped Jane off at the airport on […]

16 Most Contaminated Fruits

Our world seems to be increasingly toxic.  And while I feel rather confident that switching to a vegan diet has eliminated the most harmful offenders from my daily intake, I am aware that pesticides are something I can’t escape in my every day life.  I […]

Raw Vegan Weight Loss

On Saturday, CNN Health ran a story about a woman who went raw vegan and lost more than half her body weight.  Angela Stokes reached a high of 300 pounds when she began a raw vegan diet.  In two years she lost 162 pounds.  Wow.  […]

The B12 Issue

When you transition to a vegan diet, non-vegans will always question where you’re going to get your protein and calcium.  Those who are slightly more informed about nutrition will often caution you that you will become vitamin B-12 deficient, since the best sources of vitamin […]

News Flash – Vegan Diet Helps Combat Diabetes

Diabetes Health proclaimed today that a low-fat vegan diet is good for glucose control in diabetics. They don’t actually say much more in the article, but I found it worth remarking that a national publication devoted to one of the most insidious diseases today is […]

Americans Are Getting Fatter

Recently, we saw a brief blurb on ABC news that indicated that obesity rates in America, as well as globally, are continuing to rise. It looks like we’re on track to have 86% of all adults in America categorized as overweight or obese by 2030 […]

Yet Another Reason Not To Eat Meat

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about the “natural” human diet. Some people argue we’ve evolved to be meat eaters, others that we’re naturally vegetarians. Obviously, we’re pro-vegan here, but the question still rages. Are humans natural omnivores? A few weeks ago, I bookmarked an […]

Vegan Lifestyle — Romance

For the “romantically active” people in our reading audience… I stumbled across a site which rates condoms, appropriately named, In addition to discussing whether or not the condoms are vegan, they’ve also researched if they’re cruelty-free or not. Their list is by no means […]

9 Best Foods To Fight Aging

One of the Martha Stewart Magazines, Whole Living, has a list of 10 foods which can help fight aging, nine of those are vegan. So what are these wonder foods? Well, most of them are in our kitchen, and probably yours too: Healthy Greens — […]

On Cheese

I’m slowly making my way through a pile of vegan reading. One of the books I’m reading is called Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neal Barnard. I was shocked by something I read in the book. Apparently the U.S. Department of Agriculture works hand […]

Vegetarians Live Longer

The Huffington Post writes today about a study by the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum) which followed 1,904 vegetarians over 21 years. As vegans, we often hear that our diet could be putting us at risk… we’re not getting enough B12, we’re not getting […]

Mad Cows And Dementia

My mother was recently visiting with a friend. They got around to talking about their kids and she mentioned that Jane and I have been vegan for awhile, and that we’ve been blogging about our vegan experiences. My mom, who is not vegan by the […]