Animal Rights

Proposition 2 – Yes or No

Proposition 2 – Yes or No

Now I’m really confused.  We’ve gotten some great comments on both sides of the Proposition 2 argument and I’m not sure how to vote.  This will obviously require some additional reading on my part, and some soul searching. My initial thought was to vote yes.  […]

Proposition 2 – Revisited

Proposition 2 – Revisited

I’m a lazy voter.  I don’t like to immerse myself in politics months before an election.  Typically, I wait until a few weeks before an election to start reading about the issues and then make a decision.  This year in California, we have a proposition […]

Humane Society Says California Vote Yes On Prop 2

There’s a proposition being voted on in California this September, Proposition 2.  The measure deals with the confinement of farm animals, specifically gestation crates, veal crates, and battery cages.  There is some controversy… it only goes into effect January 2015, and many people claim it […]

Garbage In, Garbage Out

I was poking around on Vegan Momma recently. Earlier in July she wrote: I’m always amazed at the huge disconnect that many people have with food and how it affects their bodies. You would think I would get used to it after all these years, […]

So Where Does This Guy Stand on Animal Rights Anyway?

I’m confused. I read a commentary in the NY Times Op-Ed section tonight and I really don’t get what side the author is supposedly arguing. Nicholas Kristof starts off by saying: In a world in which animal rights are gaining ground, barbecue season should make […]

Methane – This Is The Solution?

We’ve been hearing about the potential dangers of methane gasses for awhile now. Discover magazine published an article last week stating that “Methane is a paradox. It increases global warming at the same time that it promises abundant alternative energy.” Regardless of the potential as […]

KFC Canada Puts Cruelty Free On The Menu

I seem to be writing a lot about fast food lately, which is somewhat ironic since Jane and I really don’t eat a lot of fast food. The notable exception here is Taco Bell. They’ve been our lifesaver on the few road-trips we’ve taken since […]

There’s No Free (Range) Lunch

One of the things that I discovered after starting to read vegan literature is that “free range” doesn’t mean what I thought it did. Before going vegan, I used to buy eggs marked “free range” or “cage free” — and I felt pretty good about […]

Japanese Dolphin Massacre

Just to prove I’m specifically picking on Canada… Here’s a link to a story about the annual Japanese Dolphin Hunt. The dolphin hunt runs from September through April and results in the slaughter of thousands of dolphins annually. Thirteen fishing boats force the dolphins into […]

I Took The Red Pill

I Took The Red Pill

Some days, it dawns on me that I took the red pill. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to a scene in the movie, The Matrix. The Matrix is a sci fi/fantasy/action adventure movie starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Ann […]

Petition to Oprah – Revisited

Savia contacted us this morning and suggested a modification to our petition. Oprah’s not the kind of person who is going to ask her viewers to be vegan. However, it is possible she would do a show about the horrors of the way animals that […]

A Petition To Oprah — Treat Livestock Humanely

To Our Readers: Jane and I have spent a significant portion of the last two weeks putting together a petition to Oprah Winfrey. On April 4th, Oprah did a show in memory of her companion dog, Sophie, who passed away on March 10th. The show […]

De-Sensitivity Training

Purchasing factory farmed meat products supports the violence perpetrated on animals. Does it also support the violence perpetrated on other human beings? Jane and I were speculating about this recently: Does working in a slaughterhouse somehow alter your perception of violence? Does it inure you […]

Canada Aids Hog Farmers – By Having Them Kill Their Pigs

What’s going on in Canada? At the end of March, in discussing why I am vegan, I mentioned that Canada opened their commercial seal hunt (according to the Humane Society of the US this is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet) on […]

Lines In The Sand — Revisited

A few weeks ago I wrote about drawing a line in the sand, and how we define what we’re willing to eat. It’s easy for us to say that we’ll eschew animal products as food. The choice between eating a sentient creature that has almost […]