Burgers, burgers, and more (veggie) burgers…

We haven't tried this burger yet, but it is getting such good press, and getting built up so much, it almost feels like it will assuredly be a let down. How can it live up to its hype? I will really have to get out and try this burger sooner than later, but with Thanksgiving here, I won't be eating at restaurants any time soon.

We tend to eat faux turkey day leftovers for 10 to 14 days...  Yes it does require that Jane back fills several dishes as they are exhausted, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; I can't get enough.

Oh, right, impossible burger...  You can try it yourself here.


On  a related note, Veggie Grill will now be serving the Beyond Meat burger at all of its locations, initially just at the Veggie Grill in Hollywood though.

To whet your appetite:

source: Veggie Grill

source: Veggie Grill

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