It's Halloween time. Fortunately, we live on a hill that doesn't get a lot of trick-or-treating traffic, so we won't be tempted by the Halloween goodies.

In the past, we have purchased chocolate goodies to hand out; and to eat ourselves, if we're being honest here! We'd always thought about buying healthier treats to give the kids, pretzels or raisins, but what kid wants those? We remembered when we were trick-or-treaters, those treats were among the least eaten of all our collected loot. We wanted to hand out treats that were appreciated.

This year, we face a dilemma. If we buy the chocolate that we have in the past, how will we pass by the bowl without having a piece or two? And does it actually matter if we do eat some of it? Of course it does! We're vegans now.

But I'm not going to spend $20 for a few pieces of vegan candy to hand out to people who eat McDonald's regularly... So it looks like we'll be giving out pretzels and raisins this year.

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