Beyond Burger at Safeway

Beyond Burger is heading to Safeway. If you live in California, Nevada. and Hawaii, chances are, there’s a Safeway near you. The Beyond Burger will be offered in 280 of these grocery stores. To date, they were only available in Whole Foods.

In addition to pushing into conventional grocery stores, Beyond Meat is also available at roughly 30 restaurants, like Veggie Grill, on the West Coast. And the product was recently introduced in the dining halls at Yale University.

…looks, cooks, and tastes like fresh ground beef

Yale Dining launched the newest addition to dining hall menus on Wednesday — the Beyond Burger. Created by plant-protein–meat-substitute company Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger offers vegetarians and vegans alike a new burger option that, according to Beyond Meat, “looks, cooks and tastes like fresh ground beef.”


image credit: Allen

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