Best Vegan Cheese Recipe

Here are several of the best vegan recipe videos from the past week. You’ll  get to see what the best vegan cheese recipes are, the best vegan brownies, what to eat for breakfast when you’re a vegan and so much more.




Best Vegan Brownies

Seriously, who doesn’t love brownies?!

Delicious 20 Minute Meals

Probably the biggest issue people have with veganism is “what should I have for dinner?” Here are a few delicious 20-minute meals.

Simple Vegan Lunches to Go

What to make for lunch when you are a vegan? We got you covered.

How to Make a Vegan Omelette Without Eggs

Of course there are no eggs, it’s vegan! Compare two omelettes: one was made with tofu and the other was made with chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour.

Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the hardest thing for most vegans. I used to have a smoothie all the time. Then I switched to oatmeal for a while, but lately I’ve been having beans on toast deconstructed. Basically, it’s half a can of black beans with a few green chilis in the microwave and a slice of sprouted grain toast. I also have a handful of walnuts and a small bowl of fresh blueberries. I eat this every day. If you aren’t interested in eating the same thing for breakfast every day, here’s a few other ideas:

Three Best Vegan Cheese Recipes

Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s one of the last things people are willing to give up when they go vegan. I frequently hear “I could never give up cheese.” I have a friend who calls herself “The Dairy Queen.” She will likely never give up dairy even if she’s willing to part with other animal products. but if you’re looking to find reasonable cheese substitutes whether you’re vegan or not, you definitely want to watch this video:

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