Best Vegan Burger

Fast Company set out to find the best vegan burger.

Who doesn’t like a good burger? Most people love burgers. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, an omnivore or anything in-between, the likelihood is that you love burgers.

Veganism is on the rise. So Fast Company went to three eateries in New York City to try and find the best vegan burger. I like that they aren’t necessarily looking for the burger that tastes the most like meat, as that’s not really the point — or maybe for you, that exactly is the point.  Regardless, they compared the Impossible Burger which is selling at White Castle, yes they held the cheese so that it’s a vegan burger, not just a veggie burger.

To Burger Joints

They also looked at the Beet Burger from Shake Shack and two burgers from the vegan chain: by Chloe.

With 600% percent more Americans identifying as vegans today than just 3 years ago, imitation meat burgers are growing in popularity. We (Fast Company) went on a quest to find NYC’s best vegan burger.

and Beyond

Granted, these are far from the only vegan burgers are the market. For one, they didn’t even bother tasting the Beyond Burger. Many people consider this the best vegan burger. It’s not hard to find. The Beyond Burger is available at various eateries in New York. The Beyond Burger is taking over New York. Therefore, it’s surprising that this tasty burger wasn’t including in their comparison. Further, this is just a sampling of three eateries’ offerings and just one or two tasters. It’s hard to say that there is a definitive best vegan burger to be determined here. These are just their opinions; what is best, it’s highly subjective.

Regardless, I am happy to say that there are many, many options for vegans these days and many of them are incredibly delicious and satisfying.

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