Bacon and Eggs — Vegan Style

No, we haven't slipped. We're still happily doing the vegan thing, not that you could necessarily tell from this photo. Looks like the real thing, eh?

Last night I was feeling a little unwell and I asked Jane to make me some comfort food. We'd just had pasta so that was out. Jane decided we'd try an old standby from our non-vegan days. Of course, she converted everything to fit our vegan lifestyle. She made a tofu scramble and we had Lite Line's Smart Bacon along with Alternative Bagels (low calorie, low carb, vegan friendly), Tofutti Cream Cheese, cherry tomatoes from our local farmer's market, sliced red onion, and a large green salad.

Verdict: Yummy. This dish needs to make it into the rotation. The tofu scramble tasted better than scrambled eggs and the smart bacon passed Jane's test. I couldn't believe it! How could scrambled tofu taste better than scrambled eggs?! Wow!


  1. Hi! I am looking into going vegetarian (not vegan).
    I still havent excluded meat from my diet and the main reason is that most of the recipes I find are some kind of “imitation” of the real thing. Like this one: Scrambled eggs with bacon.
    The reason I want to cut down on meat and go vegetarian is because I want to cut down processed foods.
    But with all these replacements of the real thing I think I might just not go vegetarian.
    Whats the point to convert if I replace eggs with tofu and bacon with some other overly processed food?

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