Are you getting enough protein?

You’re vegan? Where do your protein? Yes, every single vegan on the planet has been asked this question. It’s usually the first question people will ask you when they find out that you are a vegan.

I don’t calorie count. I don’t count grams of protein every day. I believe we eat well. So much so that after 10 years as a vegan, our blood results haven’t shown any deterioration. Many friends (“normal eaters”) have seen their health situation decline.

Source: Wikipedia

The NY Times had an article this week about protein intake. The article is suggesting that many of us may — meat eaters and plant eaters alike — be getting too much protein. The article discussed the proliferation of protein powders and how many of us who use these protein sources may be getting too much protein.

But while some nutritionists have encouraged the protein craze, a number of experts are urging caution. They point out that protein powders and supplements, which come from animal products like whey and casein (byproducts of cheese manufacturing) or from plants like soy, rice, pea or hemp, are a relatively new invention. The vast majority of Americans already get more than the recommended daily amounts of protein from food, they say, and there are no rigorous long-term studies to tell us how much protein is too much.

source: NY Times

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