Apple Pie

Jane has always loved to bake. And I have always loved eating her baked goods. Times have been lean since eggs and butter are out of the picture, but today when I got home I was greeted by a heavenly aroma wafting out of the kitchen. I sniffed my way in, and what did my eyes behold but apple pie. Yay! Apple pie for dessert.

Alas, it was not to be. Jane made that pie for a party we are attending tomorrow night. No matter how much I tried to prevail upon her that we should have a slice to see if the crust came out good enough to bring with us, she wouldn't give in. I guess the thought of having to bake another pie tomorrow didn't really excite her as much as it did me.

Anyway, I'm certainly going to have some tomorrow night and I'm sure it will be great!


  1. Would you happen to have a recipe for this delicious apple pie? Or a website or book I could look to? It looks absolutely amazing, very hard to resist eating 🙂

  2. Hi Rockaroo,
    I would be happy to send you my recipe for the pie. Since I don’t have it on my pc and will have to type it in for you, I won’t get around to it until after the new year, but just send me your email address and I’ll get it out to you in January.
    — Jane

  3. Hi Tanya,
    That recipe looks scrumptious. Another one for the must try pile in January. But what a dilemma!!! Aren’t we all supposed to be dieting in January?

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