Animal Rights National Conference

If you've interested in animal rights and you're going to be in Washington DC this weekend, you might want to consider stopping by at the Animal Rights National Conference. It looks to be quite the event... the schedule is jam packed with over 70 speakers.

If you're interested, but can't get there, the conference is offering recordings of the sessions for purchase. Anyway, it looks to be rather interesting. You can see a schedule and outlines of presentations here. As the name implies, most of the presentations revolve around animal rights, but there will also be a session on vegan nutrition, choosing a career, disaster rescue, as well as other vegan topics.

Jane and I are won't be anywhere near there, but we'd be interested in hearing about it if you manage to attend.


  1. Can’t wait to get to try your food! My daughter has been a copule times and loves it. My husband and I always seem to be in the area during your ish times. Please let me know when you have solid hours and and I will share/post to all my vegan friends! God Bless your business-we need lots of veggie restaurants to help the movement in the midst of BBQ/health crisis Memhis.

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