Animal Cruelty and McDonald’s Eggs

mfa-logoJane and I have been vegan for over 4 years now.  In that time, we’ve noticed a significant shift in the mindset of the general population. The word “vegan” doesn’t always meet with blank stares (0r thoughts of the cosmos).  Vegan products are readily available at all our local grocery stores.  Veganism is even an occasional topic on talk-shows (thank you to Oprah in the past, and to Ellen for continuing to promote a vegan lifestyle).  Mark Bittman promotes meat free Mondays.  Vegan books abound.  There’s even been a slight shift towards “better” conditions for animals.  Yes, we have FAR to go.  I would certainly hate to be judged by the way our species treats the other species on the planet, but we’re making tiny strides forward.

Today, McDonald’s announced they were dropping Sparboe Farms, an egg supplier, because of a video produced by Mercy for Animals depicting a variety of instances of animal cruelty.  While McDonald’s is still not on our list of restaurants we’d frequent, we applaud all efforts to improve the conditions of the animals still being slaughtered for food.


If you’d like to read more about the McDonald’s story, here’s a link to the article in the Chicago Tribune.  And here is the link for the campaign against McDonald’s.



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