Americans Are Getting Fatter

Recently, we saw a brief blurb on ABC news that indicated that obesity rates in America, as well as globally, are continuing to rise. It looks like we're on track to have 86% of all adults in America categorized as overweight or obese by 2030 - with related health care costs very close to $1 TRILLION! Well, if you look around you, this is really no surprise. As our lifestyles become even more sedentary, and cheap, high calorie (and often tasty) foods are omnipresent, what else can we expect? Or perhaps it's the 3,747 average calories we're consuming per person (according to New Scientist) -- that will pack on the pounds quickly!

The American mentality of instant gratification is also a huge factor. (And here I get on my soapbox.) We are taught from day one, that if we want something "we deserve it" (thanks to the marketing folks at L'oreal), and have to have it NOW (thanks Target). Whatever happened to saving up for something? Whatever happened to working for things? Whatever happened to anticipation? Why do we need so much stuff? And this goes for food too. Last year, when we were travelling through Sedona, we stopped at Taco Bell for a bean burrito, no cheese (vegan). Their new add campaign was something about a "fourth meal." Sheesh!

But I have an easy weight-loss suggestion for the general population; eat vegan a few meals per week. Notice, I said vegan, not vegetarian. That's because vegetarian often means "a non-meat based dish slathered in cheese." And as good as "real" cheese tastes, it's not likely to be part of a "reducing" diet, at least not in the quantities we typically consume. But overall, vegetables have fewer calories than meat.

Now, I'm not saying that simply eating vegan is the solution. We've found plenty of vegan junk food items out there. It's also fairly easy to eat a "bad" vegan diet. Our personal experience -- we notice we tend to gain a pound or three when Jane is baking more often, or when we're eating a lot of vegan ice cream or snacks. But as we move away from processed foods and eat more plant based whole foods, we consume fewer calories, and that's when the pounds come off, and it feels effortless.



  1. It does feel effortless at times.

    I have a genetic predisposition for collecting bad cholesterol and unwanted pounds.

    Becoming vegetarian helped some, but I found that I did consume lots of cheese. I admit I love the stuff. Pulling off big gobs from pizza was one of my vices. Yummy killer.

    Now that I’m vegan (and exercise), my metabolism has improved enough so that if I skip a week or two of exercise (not likely) I don’t notice a difference.

    Compared to taking Lipitor, having a heart bypass, or gastric bypass… I’ll take the vegan diet, please.

  2. I’m pro education, pro herbivore, anti fat America. It makes me so sad to see so many elementary school students are so overweight at such a young age.

    Rock on. Your blog owns.

  3. Having been a large cheese eating vegetarian for quite some years and vegan for less than one – I can see clearly that my “baby fat” was due to dairy. Within the first 6 months 25 extra pounds “melted off”. I don’t feel “deprived” as there are so many wonderful (and healthy) vegan foods to choose from.

    This site also offers some compelling reasons to eliminate dairy as a weight and cholesterol reduction plan:

    Loosing fat is good – not killing baby calves – is sublime! 🙂

  4. Hi David,
    Yes, yummy killer indeed.
    Shhhh! Don’t let big pharma hear you. They don’t want you not taking their lipitor/crestor/paxil/viagara/boniva/prilosec/ zoloft/cialis… (and those are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head!)
    Re the exercise…. I’m not as diligent, but trying to get back to my routine. In addition to improving metabolism, I find it makes me more able to deal with stress.

    Hi Christina,
    It’s really sad. Definitely one of the ills of our society.
    And thank you so much for your kind comment on our blog!

    Hi Bea,
    Nice job! I dropped 20 in the first 6 and have stabilized at -18. Jane’s -11.
    Thanks for the link. I often find the Adventists to have good veg*n info.

  5. Using Coconut Oil is a great fat destroyer. Use it on toast, for stovetop cooking or whatever you like.

    My wife lost 70 lbs last year combined with the Vegan Diet. She ate tons of the stuff.

    And she and her mother both had weight problems.

    Too often folks want the quick fix. Give your body time to work for you and it will.

    My heart goes out to those who stuggle with weightloss. It truly is an uphill battle sometimes.

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