Akbar’s Bengan Ka Salan

Bengan Ka Salan

Bengan Ka Salan

Jane and I were in Santa Monica today and stopped in at Akbar, possibly my favorite Indian restaurant (they also have locations in Pasadena, Marina del Rey, and Hermosa Beach).  Although they are not a vegan restaurant, they are familiar with vegan cuisine.  We didn't have to go through an explanation of what we could and couldn't eat with our server.  Always a joy!  She even suggested we order the Roti bread instead of Naan as their Naan is made with milk (or was it eggs, I can't remember).

Anyway, this dish is sauteed chinese eggplant in a coconut tamarind sauce, you determine the level of spiciness.  Yum!   If you are in the Los Angeles area and enjoy Indian cuisine, I'd suggest a visit.

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