A Vegan Diet is Expensive — And Other Myths…

Does a vegan diet have to be expensive? Hardly. Our friend Lindsay Nixon (aka Happy Herbivore) has written a very fine article on this topic. She discusses this along with other misconceptions about what vegans eat. My favorite sentence in the article has to do with people's concerns of not having a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods close by. She said:

 Not having access to  specialty vegan products means you'll eat healthier. If you have access  to fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans/lentils) and grains, you can eat a plant-based diet. Anywhere in the world has those foods. Keep it simple 🙂

I couldn't agree more. By not buying prepackaged foods, you are more apt to eat simply and likely more healthfully.

Here's the entire article:

Here are the top "vegan myths" I see floating around online -- or come my way via email. I also find these are the excuses people often give why they can't be plant-based. (Be honest, you know it's an excuse 😉

And no protein myth listed! (I think I've address that enough, if you  haven't had your fill, you can read this post about vegan protein)

1. A Vegan Diet is Expensive / You have to Be Rich

I adopted a vegan diet when I was a starving student and I even managed to eat on $15 a WEEK in New York City! If you're on a tight budget, I can't recommend the meal plans enough. Most people report spending $30/person for the week.

2. I don't live by Whole Foods or Trader Joe's / No Vegan Products Sold Here.

I lived in a small island in the Caribbean for a year where all food had  to be flown in (and consequently, many items would be out for weeks at a time) AND I wrote a cookbook there! I've also lived in really small  towns and abroad with no issue. A Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is nice,  but not required. In the last 4 years, I've spent the last 3.5 nowhere  near a Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's. Not having access to  specialty vegan products means you'll eat healthier. If you have access  to fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans/lentils) and grains, you can eat a plant-based diet. Anywhere in the world has those foods. Keep it simple 🙂

3. I don't like Tofu.

No problem. I didn't eat tofu for the first few years I was veg. It's certainly a helpful  ingredient but you don't have to eat it to be plant-based. You can even  be entirely soy-free on a plant-based diet. See this post: How to Replace Tofu

4. I'm gluten-free, soy-free / other food allergies

Our meal plans are gluten-free and soy-free. It's possible to be GF and SF on a plant-based diet. Keep in mind that a healthy plant-based diet is based on fruits, legumes (beans/lentils),  vegetables and grains. All of those are naturally soy-free and except  for a few grains, they're gluten-free too.
Allergic to beans? No problem. You don't have to eat beans. I  recommend eating them if you can, but if you can't, no worries. All  foods have protein so you get plenty, even if you can't eat beans.  Similarly, if you can't eat grains, that's okay too. Allergies to fruits and vegetables can also be worked around. Any time you have an allergy, a little creative thinking is required, but it's possible and it gets  easier over time.

One important thing to remember is that farm animals are fed all sorts of common allergens: corn, wheat, soy, etc. So  adopting a plant-based diet is a safer option. My sister, for example,  is allergic to cotton seed, which is in the meal provided to farm  animals. This means even though she was avoiding cotton seed directly,  she was still having allergy attacks. Why? The allergen was coming out  in the meat, eggs, milk, etc. of the animals, causing her problems. It  wasn't until she went plant-based that her food allergies were managed.


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  1. I agree 100 % that it is cheaper and easier to live healthy on Vegan nutrition,and it is even easier and cheaper on raw vegan nutrition,you get all the protein you need easily from hemp seeds, and don’t be worried by those who say that you must eat meat to get your protein and be stronger,as that is a myth, the strongest and biggest animals eat plants alone,good examples are the elephant and hippopotamus,regarding speed and endurance look at horses and so on.Then there are champion bodybuilders who are on raw plant foods,will anyone doubt their strength and fitness? Also in some of my older books I have Vegan recipes for people for whatever reasons ,don’t want to go 100% raw,but please remember that raw is better. I don’t live near Trader Joe or Whole Foods and I enjoy good health and get good raw organic plant foods at low prices,try BJs and also Aldi’s,that’s the two main places I shop ,and their prices are excellent and so is the quality,and you know what,I spend less than before as I do not use any processed foods and raw is healthier and more nutritious than cooked,I stress that in my books,also you can safely juice conventional non gmo fruits and vegetables ,as the any pesticide residue stays in the fiber that’s discarded. I don’t use soy , almond is a better choice,you can make your own almond milk at home,it is very easy to do,also my nutrition is gluten free,I use raw organic green peas nearly every day,Also if you look around you can find some supermarkets with organic sections,you got to make that extra effort to maintain your good health and well being.In another post I will list some of the produce I use,which I recommend in my book,stay focused,stay strong,stay young I am 74 years young.

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