A Petition To Oprah — Treat Livestock Humanely

To Our Readers:

Jane and I have spent a significant portion of the last two weeks putting together a petition to Oprah Winfrey. On April 4th, Oprah did a show in memory of her companion dog, Sophie, who passed away on March 10th. The show was inspired by a billboard she saw on her way in to work, asking her to investigate puppy mills. During this show, Oprah exposed some of the horrors inherent in the nature of this business. However, she made, what we consider to be, a blunder when she defended the breeders by saying that they thought of these dogs as livestock. The implication here, which was hopefully unintended, is that livestock can be abysmally treated by their owners.

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential people in this country, if not the world. Her reach is far. If enough of us get together and sign a petition, perhaps we can get her to present to her audience the inhumane nature of the treatment of livestock.

We need your help. We're asking you to please sign our petition, and to pass this along to everyone you know. We can work together to change the world!

Thank you -- Lane & Jane Wright


  1. Are there limits on how human beings can legitimately treat animals? Can we treat them just any way we please? If there are limits, what are they? Maybe one day our children will look back on the current generation and wonder how we ever believed it was tolerable to treat animals the way we do. I sincerely hope so.

  2. Thanks for caring individuals who want to see a future for our children and there children as well.
    “We can make a difference is we would only try, humanity is right beside the peace you hold inside because its time”.

    There is nothing greater than caring for all living creatures and this Earth! What better way is there for us to show our love?
    Become a Vegan/vegitarian!
    Peace and love to all.
    God BLess

  3. Thank you SO much for starting this petition!

    I started a thread on Oprah.com discussion board about this topic and it has received ovr 50 pages of comments! Oprah said she looks at these boards daily so perhaps if we keep the topic on her boards it might be another way to reach her. I’ll post about your petition today – and please come join the discussion or start a new thread! 🙂 Jo

  4. ” The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”Mohandas Gandhi …
    please show the world what is really going on Oprah. thanks, julie devaudreuil

  5. I fully support this petition.

    Oprah —

    This is a health and wellness issue your viewers can truly benefit from learning about,

    Amy Tignor

  6. Oprah,
    Please show what has been hidden for years. Show where our food comes from and what the animals that are so copiously eaten daily must endure to satisfy American cravings. We dream of a peaceful mind and body, yet continue to allow the mutilation and abuse of animals. True healing begins with Humane Treatment, not just of humans but animals. Please enlighten the public. You are such an icon and your words and support would mean the world to the animals.
    Thank you.
    Ami Flanigan

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