A Nod To Veganism

So Jane and I are busy working tonight and we have the television on in the background.  It’s Thanksgiving season and we tend to enjoy watching the Food Network at this time, even though most of the recipes being prepared would not be found on our table!  Butter, heavy cream, turkey, eggs, need I say more? However, the recipes can often be veganized.  So we like to watch these shows to get ideas.  We’ve learned preparation techniques, new spice combinations, and factual information about various foods.

Tonight, we were half watching The Secret Life of Thanksgiving on the Food Network.  It was pretty much what you would expect, a lot of turkey, butter, cream, and eggs, interspersed with tidbits of information on what the pilgrims ate, and how Thanksgiving actually came to be a national holiday.  But what caught our attention, and compelled us to write this post, was the last five minutes of the show.  Jim O’Connor, the host, asked the question, “But what do vegetarians and vegans eat for Thanksgiving?”  Wow!

So, our representation was a Thanksgiving meal at the raw vegan restaurant, Leaf, in Los Angeles.  And there was a Thanksgiving at Farm Sanctuary, where the turkeys were fed a suitable feast, and afterwards the humans also feasted… on tofurkey and delicious looking vegan sides.  We were happily surprized to see vegetarianism and veganism represented on a national food program talking about a holiday that is typically turkey baste… I mean based.

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