9 Cheap and Healthy Filler Foods

Our friends at WiseBread.com published an article today about 9 healthy foods that will fill you up and are inexpensive. Here's a link to their article. Below are the images of the nine healthy filler foods:

(1) Chickpeas


(2) Pasta


(3) Orange Vegetables

orange vegetables

(4) Peppers


(5) Black Beans

black beans

(6) Kale


(7) Veggie Leftovers

vegetable leftovers

(8) Bananas


(9) Peanut Butter

peanut butter


Beautiful photos, huh?  Here's another link to the article on WiseBread which goes into some detail about how you can easily eat each of these foods.  Basically it's showing that there's lots of really good food that you can easily eat instead of reaching for junk food. So when you are hungry, resist the temptation to have potato chips, chocolate bars, etc. Instead think of these nine items for quick, easy, inexpensive healthy food instead. Personally, when I need a quick pick-me-up, I have an apple and a spoon full of almond butter...


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