4 Vegan Start-Ups Set to Change the World, France, Cholesterol, and many more newsy bits

4 Vegan Start-Ups Set To Change The World
The plant based market really is big business…

Vegans Explain Why Go Vegan vs Being Vegetarian
Vegan vs. vegetarian… the age old conversation

Anthony Slaughter’s vegan journey
Good name for a vegan… although he’s not there yet.

Can You Have a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Pregnancy?
What to eat when you are vegan and pregnant

Yippee! 3 New Vegan Supermarkets Open in France
Even though we’re living in an age where we can walk into just about any supermarket and find freezers and shelves well-stocked with a wide variety of plant-based products, the concept of an all-vegan grocery is exciting.

Nutritionist-Approved Vegan Lunches For Children
Supplying a well-balanced meal for children’s school or camp lunches is crucial in helping them grow and have energy for the day’s activities.

Five Ways To Fight Cholesterol Vegan Style!
Omega-3s are considered heart-healthy fatty acids so it’s a good idea to include foods such as walnuts, chia seeds, soya beans or flaxseed which have all been linked to healthier …


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