3 Months In

fun-3Today is our 3-month Vegan Anniversary. We started this journey on 07/07/07. It’s been an interesting journey. To date, I’ve lost 15 pounds without any other attempts at losing weight. That’s right – no exercise. Jane’s lost 5 pounds. That’s really exciting. We’re not thinking about what we’re putting in our mouths from a “diet” perspective, so we’re not feeling deprived. Maybe we should bottle this stuff!

There have been the occasional bumps in the road for Jane. She’s the cook and has had to learn how to change her thinking when it comes to “what’s for dinner.” And our staples have had to be re-learned. But we live in southern California, and have some really great year-round farmer’s markets, so getting our hands on good fresh produce has never been a problem.

Our biggest issues have involved eating out. We’ve found that quite a few restaurants don’t have anything on the menu for a vegan to eat. But we’ve found a few vegan friendly restaurants and when we’re out with our non-vegan friends or associates we’ve gravitated towards Italian food. It makes for invisible vegan eating. We don’t need to explain our dietary choices to anyone because there is always the option of pasta (whole wheat, of course) with marinara sauce and grilled vegetables. No one looks at you cross-eyed if you skip the cheese. Easy. We just hope Grassroots re-opens soon (they are closed due to fire damage).

Anyway, after three months we both feel fine. There’s been no difference in our energy levels and we believe we’re healthier. We’ll actually be reporting on that in a future post. We’ve got our annual medical check-ups coming up in late November so we’ll see if our new way of life has some hidden benefits as well as the obvious one of weight loss. We expect to be reporting good things.

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