25 Vegan Brownie Recipes

(from Wikipedia) A brownie — vegan or otherwise — is a square baked dessert. It is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie in texture and comes in a variety of forms. They can be made without anything aside from the essential ingredients, but nuts (usually walnuts) and chocolate chips are commonly added to make them more substantial.

Everyone loves brownies. Well, not everyone… my mother-in-law isn’t crazy about them. She is originally from Germany and likes German cookies. Every year at Christmas, she makes a variety of German cookies, like Linzer tarts. She complains that the only dessert that people in America make are brownies.

Me, I love brownies. Brownies are probably my favorite dessert. My mother-in-law is right, everyone makes brownies. Do a search on the internet for Brownie recipe, you’ll find millions.

I’ve found 25 incredible, delectable, awesome vegan brownie recipes. These 25 brownies are not in any particular order… That is, #25 is no better or no worse than #1… Actually, #25 is my favorite of the bunch.

#1 Easy Vegan Brownies – bakedbyanintrovert.com

When you’re craving chocolate brownies, you must make this Easy Vegan Brownies Recipe. They are thick and cake-like with loads of chocolate flavor.

Easy Vegan Brownies made with avocado, coconut sugar, coconut milk, and coconut oil. This brownie recipe will completely blow you away.

#2 Vegan Brownies –  gimmesomeoven.com

These are a huge hit.

Vegan Brownies | gimmesomeoven.com

#3 Berry Cheesecake Brownies – yupitsvegan.com

Cashew cream cheese and cherries make this one scrumptious.

Vegan Berry Cheesecake Brownies | Yup, it's Vegan. Tender vegan brownie batter with a cherry cheesecake swirl baked on top of it. Beautiful and delicious!

#4 Peanut Butter Swirl Black Bean Browniesconnoisseurusveg.com

I love peanut butter. I love black beans. Yum!

Peanut Butter Swirl Vegan Black Bean Brownies

#5 Zucchini Fudgy Brownies – thevegan8.com

Zucchini bread, move over. There’s a new sherrif in town.

#6 Triple Layered Ooey Gooey Oreo Brownies – myvibrantkitchen.com

London-based Alex thinks her brownies are called Slutty Brownies here in the states. I don’t care what you call ’em, I just want to devour them.

Vegan Triple Layered Ooey-Gooey Oreo Brownies

#7 Ultimate Unbaked Brownieschocolatecoveredkatie.com

Katie says, “Brownies are my Kryptonite.” I think these ooey-gooey, melty, chocolatey unbaked brownies are pretty darn Super, man.

unbaked brownies

#8 Midnight Mint Mocha Browniessweetlikecocoa.com

What a better way to combine mocha and mint than brownies!

#9 Caramel Brownies – beamingbanana.com

Rich, fudgy brownies swirled with silky sweet caramel. You’d never know these vegan caramel brownies are healthy, gluten free, and sweetened only with dates!

Vegan Caramel Brownies

#10 Flourless Black Bean Avocado Browniesambitiouskitchen.com

Healthy vegan avocado brownies made with black beans instead of flour, and avocado instead of butter or oil! You’re going to love these fudgy chocolate-packed vegan and gluten free treats.

Healthy Flourless Black Bean Avocado Brownies

#11 Tahini Brownies veganheaven.org

Who would put tahini in a brownie? Sina from Vegan Heaven, that’s who. These incredibly fudgy, moist, and so chocolatey brownies have tahini baked right in, making them healthier than most other brownies.

Tahini Brownies & A Little Guide to Vegan Baking

#12 Fudgy Cocoa Brownies – carveyourcraving.com

If you like your brownies: fudgy, crinkled top, gooey and chewy, tender enough but not cake like packed with nuts, then your search for a perfect vegan brownie is over. (The recipe includes both traditional and vegan options, so read it carefully.)


#13 Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies – cottercrunch.com

One bowl vegan desserts like these double dark chocolate salted caramel brownies are an easy dessert recipe.

One bowl vegan desserts like these double dark chocolate salted caramel brownies are easy to make and paleo. These one bowl vegan brownies are made with two kinds of dark chocolate an topped with a dairy free salted caramel sauce. The perfect rich fudgy taste and texture! I think you'll love the superfood cacao addition as well! YUM!

#14 Brownie Petit Fours – nirvanacakery.com

Your guests will certainly be impressed… you will be too!

Vegan Brownie Petit Fours (gluten-free, nut-free)

#15 Christmas Browniescarveyourcraving.com

While they look ready for Christmas, you can enjoy them year-round.

#16 Fava Bean Browniesfoodwithoutregrets.com

Enjoy these with a nice Chianti.

Vegan Protein Bean Brownies

#17 Double Chocolate Pecan Browniesbeamingbaker.com

Demeter, the Beaming Baker writes, “I could tell ya I whipped up these … brownies as a way to celebrate …  eat the entire pan in my sweats whilst watching the entirety of Lost … read like four romance novels…  guilty pleasures are never a good sign, are they?”

Double Chocolate Pecan Brownies (V, GF, DF): an easy recipe for rich, fudgy brownies packed with pecans and chocolate drizzle. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

#18 Three Ingredient Flourless Browniesthebigmansworld.com

Listen to the Big Man. “Never judge a brownie by its cover.” These three-ingredient flourless brownies took a few tries to get right.

Healthy Three Ingredient Flourless Brownies- No butter, eggs or oil in this quick and easy recipe which is ready in minutes- Rich and fudgy yet so healthy too! {vegan, gluten free, paleo, dairy free} -thebigmansworld.com

#19 Chocolate and Purple Sweet Potato Frosting Brownies lawsofbliss.com

Purple is the new brownie.

#20 Fudgy Brownies petiteallergytreats.com

These brownies have the ultimate level of fudgy gooeyness you’d find in any traditional brownie.

Gluten Free Brownies Egg Free & Fudgy (Vegan Bean Free)- Decadent eggless brownie that is super fudgy!

#21 Skillet Lentil Browniesemilieeats.com

No one will guess that lentils are hiding in this Vegan Skillet Brownie! It’s rich, fudgy, and perfect with a scoop of vegan ice cream.

No one will guess that lentils are hiding in this Vegan Skillet Brownie! It's rich, fudgy, and perfect with a scoop of vegan ice cream. Gluten-free!

#22 Gooey Brownies with Almond Butter Frosting – thisrawsomeveganlife.com

The best thing about this recipe is how gooey it is.

#23 Grasshopper Brownies – thefitcookie.com

The colors got brighter the longer the frosting sits.

Gluten Free Grasshopper Brownies (Vegan): Dense and chewy gluten-free mint brownies covered with naturally colored mint frosting - these are AMAZING!! - @TheFitCookie

#24 Rice Cooker Browniesyumsome.com

These fudgy, chocolatey vegan rice cooker brownies are incredibly simple to make, and are insanely delicious! They’re denser than their oven-baked counterparts, and they go especially well with vegan ice cream.

These fudgy, chocolatey brownies are incredibly simple to make, and are insanely delicious! | yumsome.com

#25 Vegan Brownie Black Forest Cheesecake Sundaesmyvibrantkitchen.com

Rich dark chocolate brownies, creamy, sour-sweet black cherry cheesecake, and light coconut whipped cream. Sounds quite a lot like a German black forest gateau only that it’s not a cake… it’s a brownie sundae. Or it’s at least pretty close to one.

Vegan Brownie Black Forest Cheesecake Sundaes

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